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As they plan for developing capabilities for the emerging, complex world of tomorrow, business and IT leaders need answers to some key questions like:

Is the current IT strategy and architecture suitably poised to enable the organization take the next big leap towards competitive advantage ?

How do organizations gain meaningful business value from planned IT implementations ?

Are business processes within the organization so unique that they need bespoke systems or is there potential to unearth trapped savings through package implementations ?
What processes are the candidates of choice to gain maximum benefits from package applications ?
What transition roadmap should an organization follow to achieve IT led transformation with lowest possible risk and optimized use of resources ?
How does an organization achieve process improvements during its effort of implementing enterprise wide package applications like SAP, ORACLE, and PeopleSoft ?

PMCG business process consulting practice assists organizations in achieving answers to these questions. Phoenix’s business process consulting practice has a set of targeted offerings that encompass an entire gamut of operations and technology needs of an enterprise.

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