IT Services-Business Intelligence Solutions

Taking and making quick business decisions based on reliable, accurate information is essential to most enterprises. With our proven track record delivering ingenious solutions for large-scale complex systems, PMCG’s  package of end-to-end Business Intelligence Solutions delivers a rapid system aligned to your critical business requirements while maximizing IT effectiveness.

Business Intelligence is an elementary component of any suite of business solutions for the modern enterprise and creating a credible solution involves enormous energy to guarantee its value to the business enterprise. Because we so deeply identify with this need, we have made it our primary concern to determine that our business intelligence solutions are aligned with the business vision of your enterprise. Our Data architects, developers and consultants enable organizations to develop complete state-of-the-art information systems for turning data into useful business intelligence.

Phoenix Management & Consulting Group Expertise
Our experience in this field has led us to understand that when it comes to Business Intelligence it's wiser to take a look at the bigger picture. This means understanding an organization's distinct context in the market while selecting the right technology and business processes of information sharing for enhanced decision-making. Business Intelligence is progressively becoming a core focus in the business strategy of many organizations often providing the vital information needed for how a company can compete in the global market place. By placing your BI needs in the hands of our experienced professionals, you will maximize performance while minimizing costs.

Our full suite of solutions offers hands-on skills for sharing and salvaging information while providing a better basis for decisions affecting business performance and corporate initiatives. Our fine-tuned methodologies, architecture design, and professional tools, within our comprehensive package of Business Intelligence solutions offer clients a competitive advantage. In addition, we have customized elements of this package to address our client's industry-specific standards or separate business functions. Our Business Intelligence practice includes expertise in all the requisite technologies, and we offer the following specific assets which assist us in delivery of solutions:

Applying an Information Maturity Model
Leveraging its years of experience, PMCG’s  has developed a proprietary methodology and analytical framework to correlate the maturity of an organization's Business, Technology, and Information practices and infrastructure in relation to its Business Intelligence objectives. By assessing and mitigating risk in advance of BI system implementation, PMCG helps clients ensure that their BI ambitions are commensurate with their budgets and readiness for change in information management practices, thereby setting appropriate expectations and mitigating project risks.

Instilling a BI Information Ecology
Creating standardized, business-relevant data definitions and reference data contents & processes throughout all business functions is an essential element of successful BI initiatives. PMCG works hand-in-hand with clients to focus on structurally improving the efficiency of enterprise information infrastructure to achieve common information understanding across the organization.

Assessing Data Readiness
Ensuring that data sources provide adequate information coverage and quality in relation to requirements is an essential aspect of promoting confidence and reliability of results. In addition, performing a Dataset Profiling - data provisioning and quality assessment, focusing on both data contents and data flow processes - is a key foundation of Required Architecture Feature analysis for determining architectural requirements of a data warehousing infrastructure.

Measuring ROI in Advance
Assessing and quantifying the measurable, strategic, and organizational benefits of a BI initiative in relation to its costs can create confidence on the part of executive management and the Board of Directors, prior to making large investments. PMCG has developed and successfully applied its own Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence ROI methodology for this purpose, and recommends applying it when a cost/benefit justification is required.

Data Quality Methodology
A specific technical approach to addressing data quality concerns, including data quality rules in metadata, detects data defects defined by those rules during the ETL process, potentially ranging in scope to posting data-quality exceptions to a centralized repository to support an operational infrastructure for data quality remediation.