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Phoenix Manangement & Consulting Group payroll service includes thorough and accurate reports that make it easier to manage your payroll requirements each pay period.

What We Offer

Employee Paycheck and Earnings Statement
Provides full pay detail for the current payroll, including year-to-date information for taxes and other withholdings.

Payroll Journal

Details the gross-to-net information for each employee paid, along with company totals.

Department Summary
Provides an overview of month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date payroll activity.

Cash Requirements and Deposits Report
Details the amount of cash that must be present in each payroll or operating account to cover payroll, direct deposit, and tax payments.

Time Sheet
Serves as a payroll worksheet to help you gather, organize, and update your payroll information with hours and employee changes for easy reporting.

New Hire Report
Lists all new and rehired employees reported to the state.


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