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PMCG help you decide the best way to pay your employees. Our direct deposit and check-based pay options are designed to satisfy their payroll needs, while offering you added convenience and cost savings each payday.

Direct Deposit
Over 93% of employees nationwide currently participate in direct deposit. While employees appreciate direct deposit’s security and convenience, it can also make your payday more economical and productive.

Paper Checks
If you prefer to pay your employees with negotiable paper checks, we offer you two convenient methods.

Readychex makes it simple to reconcile your payroll checks. We debit your account once, draw the checks from our Paychex account, and ship them to you pre-signed and ready for distribution.

Check Signing and Insertion
If you would rather have individual checks drawn against your account, we can pre-sign, pre-insert, and seal your checks in security envelopes for mailing or on-site distribution.



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