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Phoenix Management & Consulting Group leads the development of innovative and winning retail concepts, formats and programs. We help clients develop new prototypes, refine existing concepts, create shop-in-shop formats and design and implement new programs and services.

We understand what it takes to develop, launch and profitably operate a retail concept. We go beyond just research and design. We not only include comprehensive assessments of consumer, competitive and industry trends, we also strive to understand our client’s strategy, operations, capabilities and culture. This provides a foundation for successfully defining the retail positioning, differentiation and competitive edges of a successful retail concept. Our process is built on ownership, ensuring that a company’s team is actively involved and passionately committed. Our team has extensive consulting and real world retail experience across all the core retail disciplines.

Why PMCG ?
• Develop differentiated concepts that can win with consumers
• Focus on the customer experience
• Comprehensive, cross-functional expertise
• Help clients develop all the programs needed to open and operate a retail business
• Proven process customized to each client’s unique needs
• We understand the challenges of executing a successful retail concept and help clients identify the right positioning
• Capabilities and resources needed to ensure a successful implementation

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